Our Story

"Give me agriculture and I will give a civilization" - Sheikh Zayed

farm2table is about a couple that is passionate about food, agriculture and sustainability. With access to high quality local organic produce, the idea to share it with everyone was a must! We wanted to make sure that we used these ingredients in the cleanest way possible and made it available for everyone to come and try. Our founders together have also been apart of working towards a brighter future with their push for sustainable, circular systems and sourcing local produce. They also promote and find small locally founded businesses to help push them to the forefront.

The UAE has a long history of date, animal and fish farms and currently has expanded its’ incredible sustainable efforts to look towards sourcing high quality produce locally. We want to incorporate some local UAE flavour and keep some tastes and recipes from this rich history. The farm2table concept is about keeping history alive, seeing what potential the UAE has for the future in agriculture and while we are at it, serving great food.

Our Founders

Founder & Chef
Jessica Queitsch is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Half German, half Canadian, having lived in countries all over the world she has now settled and adopted the UAE as her home. Jessica’s professional studies as a chef took place in Paris at various prestigious organisations including Gregoire Ferrandi and Lenotre.

When it comes to cuisine Jessica draws inspiration from her travels, allowing the myriad of generational traditions she has come across to culminate into unique and wholesome dishes once cooked in high end kitchens across the world, now brought to life by the crackling light of a desert campsite fire.

Jessica has been doing private catering and been in the business for 18 years globally.
Humaid Saeed Khalifa Alremeithi
Humaid AlRemeithi, is a graduate of Portland State university’s Bachelor’s in Leadership program and is well travelled and versed in the arts of people engagement as well as public speaking. Humaid has a deep passion for his beloved country and presenting the emerati culture through practice, manarisms and respect.  He also loves learning from the history and traditions of other cultures.

Humaid’s respect and appreciation for plants, sustainability and agriculture are also well founded. He enjoys collecting seeds and cuttings from all his travels and experimenting on what can be grown here in the UAE. 
His Moto is: learn from the past to enjoy the present and plan for a healthier future.